My First Fall Market in Fort Collins

I've been meaning to start blogging for months. MONTHS. But I always seemed to get hung up on the same old things. "What should I write about?" "Does it even matter?" "Nobody is going to read it anyway." Well, the time has come to ignore my overly critical brain, and just jump in! So here we go...

Yesterday I participated in a little market at Intersect Brewing, a local brewery on the south end of Fort Collins. I hadn't visited this one yet because I tend to stay in my little Old Town bubble where I can bike and walk everywhere. Also, I recently commited to "Sober October." Or more like, Sober Libra Season. I quit drinking alcohol the week of my birthday (9/26). Libra season is a great time to reset and balance out any extremes in your life. Although, I wasn't thrilled with not drinking at this market. Everyone was sipping on delicious-looking craft brews and having a great time. There's a lovely patio area with fire pits, tons of seating, and a little kids area. 

The craft market was well-attended and people were doing the unthinkable- early Chrismas shopping. Ha! Never in my life have I bought a holiday gift in October. But maybe now I'll start. Looking back, I should have brought even more candles. I sold out of White Fir scented candles AND reed diffusers so will definitely be making more of those for the next one. The people were super friendly and despite the chilly air, the atmosphere was great for an outdoor market. I got that wonderful, inspired feeling afterward. Time to develop more candle scents! Work on my display! Sign up for more markets! Start a blog! 

That's really the best part of signing up for markets and events. It's a little kick in the butt. You have to make the products, talk about the products, think about the future, and make changes as needed. And if the market goes well, you actually have the energy and inspiration to do those things. 

A huge thank you to Intersect Brewing and all the shoppers and drinkers that came out and sniffed candles and chatted with me! Hope to see you all again at the my next market- Linen Sky Open-air Market on Nov. 3rd in Greeley, CO.  I'll also be restocking Wolverine Farm with candles as well. But sadly, no White Fir. Those will be coming soon!

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