Winter Moon

We talked about The Moon card at my last Tarot Club meeting.  I love a new moon (new beginnings, setting intentions & goals) but the full moon can make me feel intense and emotional, although it's a great time to check in and acknowledge accomplishments and practice gratitude. In the Tarot, the Moon speaks to our animal nature and the mysteries of this world. It also represents fears and illusions. Our mind can be a scary place, but it's not always real. Pulling the moon card is a invitation to dig deep into your intuition, discover the roots of your emotions, and embrace the mystery of existence just a little bit. 

Winter Moon is a scent that was created out of a longing for quiet, snow-filled, moonlit night. I don't get many of those in Colorado, funny enough. The snow is fleeting and the mountains feel far away. Growing up in North Dakota, I had many moments of stepping outside and hearing only the crunch of my boots on the snow. It's a calming silence that happens after a deep snowfall, before the plows have started to make their marks in the roads. I find myself craving it as soon as Halloween is over.

The fragrance used in this candle is a blend of pine and cypress, not quite as sharp or strong as my other winter-y candle White Fir. Tonka and birch lend a softness to it, and there's a hint of something else, a little magical, maybe moonlight? Haha. 

I'm excited to start on the next Moon candle already, but have no idea what it will be so stay tuned! Or better yet, send me your ideas about what scents you'd like to smell in one!

Winter Moon candles will be available at the holiday markets. Go to my Events page for more information!

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